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Residence Le Taguy

TYPE: Interior design | SECTOR: Private | AREA: 24 m2 | LOCATION: Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc, France

Located in the stunning Mont-Blanc region this holiday apartment provides the ultimate luxury and comfort in an extremely small footprint. Surrounding landscapes influenced choice of building materials. Real wood veneer, local slate, bright ash wood flooring and a choice of light, calm colours provide an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. A green marble wall in the bathroom with its tactile, leather-like texture reminds of the proximity to the nature and resembles a frameless window into the forest. Despite small area, due to intelligent design it was possible to accommodate two double beds and an additional bunk bed, providing space for the property’s owners as well as occasional guests. Storage space is cleverly concealed under the living room bench, below the beds and in the main cupboard unit in living room. This ensures a dedicated storage space for each resident. Attention to detail can be seen in every single element of the apartment – from the climbing wall leading to the upper bunk bed, through concealed audio speakers, to selection of finest furnishing and fittings. Smart design not only maximises the available space, but first and foremost gives the owners a sense of joy that comes from both - focus on beautiful scenery and relaxing atmosphere provided by the elegant interior design.

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